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Use all of the tips provided on this page to make the right decisions in different kinds of situations and to enjoy even better security. With sufficient knowledge on door locks and keys and other important locksmith topics, you will feel secure and have complete peace of mind at all times.

Secure all doors

Deadbolt installation is one way to ensure high security, but you must also pay attention to your everyday habits. Do you know how many people in Illinois invest money in expensive locks and then forget to lock their doors? Even if you are in the house, all doors but also windows must be locked! If you want to keep some windows open for ventilation purposes, install security bars or get locks which will give you the chance to open the window partially. Many burglaries take place during the day because intruders know that people forget to secure all entry points. Don't give them such pleasure!

Learn how to discourage thieves

Thieves want their job done quickly so that they won't run the risk of getting caught. That's why it's important to change the car locks if they are not in good condition and also replace the home and office door locks. It's also necessary to keep durable window locks. When burglars are encountered with resistant high security door locks, they usually don't bother with them. All properties are potential targets for thieves. The point is to discourage them and you can do that by having the locks replaced and repaired on time, put up more lights in the yard and also install high security systems, including surveillance cameras.

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